WordPress 2.5.1 released: Upgrade or Die!

WordPress developers rolled out the latest version of the the most popular blogging software. This blog-post at the WordPress blog announced the public release of WordPress 2.5.1. Version 2.5.1 of WordPress includes an important security fix apart from a number of bug fixes and performance enhancements.

You can get the latest version of WordPress here. The page contains links to the direct file download, and also to the easy-install and easy-upgrade guides. If you’re installing WordPress for the first time or you are upgrading your WordPress for the first time since the initial install, I strongly recommend following these easy guides which will make the installation/upgrade process quicker and quite comfortable for anyone.

Have you upgraded to the latest version of WordPress yet?

I hadn’t even fully enjoyed my upgrade to WordPress 2.5 when this further upgrade to version 2.5.1 came out. I am simply loving it. My akismet panel works fine now as against when I was on WordPress 2.3.3. There are no database glitches anymore, and everything is as smooth as it can be. The new interface looks great and is good in terms of accessibility and features. Nothing beats the one-click easy plugin update though the manual download-upload-activate way is still available.

I have come across several bloggers who are reluctant to upgrade from WordPress 2.3 because they are happy and content with that, even. I see no reason for not upgrading, however. However small an update maybe, its always for the better (I feel sorry for Microsoft about Windows Vista, though!)

Choosing not to upgrade is OK if you’re comfortable with the performance and features available with any previous version of WordPress or any other software but I don’t think that making a compromise on your blog’s security is a WISE idea! I certainly don’t want anyone else than me run my blog without my permission (I mean to say, I don’t my website to get hacked!) or to let someone put porn up on my site and not being able to do anything about it or to delete all my posts that I put so much hard work and time in! :-O

Scary? It can be worse! UPGRADE or DIE!

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14 Responses to WordPress 2.5.1 released: Upgrade or Die!

  1. I did the upgrade and thought I did something wrong when my database wouldn’t connect. It was a coincidence because the problem was at the host. Whew! Anyway, the upgrade was smooth and painless from 2.5. I don’t think that I had to upgrade or die, but upgrading for security fixes is always a good idea.

    RT Cunningham
    Untwisted Vortex

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  2. By the way, you should install KeywordLuv so I don’t have to look so spammy. 🙂

    Building Backlinkss last blog post..A Simple and Fun Twitter Contest

    • Abhinav Sood says:

      Losing your website/blog to hackers or sneakers is just the same as being dead! UPGRADING is a top-priority task for me whenever an upgrade is available. 🙂

      And yeah,I am heading on to the KeywordLuv plugin download page now.. It’ll be set up in a few moments 😉

  3. Geoserv says:

    I did the upgrade, I was amazed there was an upgrade already. VOTED for this post at NewDots

    Geoservs last blog post..Pliggs Mysterious Karma

  4. Diane Clancy says:

    What really indicates the need to upgrade … several of my clients with not very active blogs got attacked with junk …

    so I upgraded them all to 2.5.1 … but I think it is worth it.

    Thanks for the notice .. tho my dashboard just told me too

    ~ Diane Clancy

    Diane Clancys last blog post..Two Things Challenge – Self/Portrait

  5. Arlo Gilbert says:

    Everyone is required to update to 2.5.1 (if using 2.5) because there are many security fix. Well, goodluck in upgrading guys.

    Arlo Gilberts last blog post..Space-Ed: New DoFollow Social Bookmarking

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  7. Larry Rivera@Successuniversity says:

    I really enjoyed your review. I like using the new version of wordpress myself.

    Thanks for having a great blog

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  8. Michael says:

    Seems like an interesting idea, but make sure you also install WP Security Scan plugin from WordPress Security

    Michaels last blog post..Make my site rank #1 in Google

  9. You are right that everyone should upgrade to the current release not just for the new features but it actually protects them from known bugs and hacks. Plus, the efficiency the new release offers is too good to pass up.

    Welcome to the KeywordLuv bandwagon! 🙂

  10. I agree with your post. Which is not something I will usually do! 🙂 I enjoy reading a post that will make one think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

  11. Pirates Jesse Jane SHOCK says:

    I am really not happy with google. I rank #1 for live and yahoo but google is pushing me behind. Wonder what went wrong. How else can I do SEO?

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