Zombie Elvis Found – With Shit !

Its about 4 AM now and I am not feeling sleepy! I just thought playing some game would be a nice idea and just found something interesting.

I was just having fun driving around the streets of Vice City in Grand Theft Auto – Vice City when I noticed a lot of newspapers strewn on the ground in one backyard carrying the photo of (King of Rock n Roll) Elvis Presley.

Take a look at this screen-shot :

Zombie Elvis found with Shit
(click for a larger image)

To see what the newspaper reads clearly, see the zoomed-in portion of the previous image, below. LOL, anyone seen this before? 😀

Zombie Elvis found with Shit
(Click for a larger image)

One question that is stuck in my mind is – How, where and (most importantly) Why did the developers of this game (Rock Star North) find Zombie Elvis like that… with Shit ! 😛 Any special reasons?

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16 Responses to Zombie Elvis Found – With Shit !

  1. blogger says:

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  2. Blog2Life says:

    I think it might say “Win Shit”.. thats still funny as hell tho.. but at least theyare putting the effort into all the details!

    Blog2Lifes last blog post..Word Press’d: Get Featured On B2L!

  3. Faux Flowers says:

    Cool screenshots, each of the systems has its advantages as well as disadvantages…

  4. Really it is nice post and thanks for sharing it.

  5. bethany@san antonio wedding makeup says:

    Haha that’s really funny to see all the details you don’t have time to see when you are playing the game. I wonder who added that?

  6. LoL, GTA Vice City was the game I played after playing old GTA I and GTA II and it came to me as a surprise how much improvement they made to it. I never saw such newspapers or paid attention to them, I was more concerned with driving and killing people (in game only haha!).

  7. luke moseley says:

    LOL thats brilliant GTA is always full of crazy stuff like that, i love the new Gruppe Sechs security vans… great!!
    Zombie Games

  8. HI, Elvis is the king of rock, a sensational icon across the globe, so I am not wondering why did the developer of this game used the photo of Elvis, I think they have to do that to caught the users attention while they are playing such game. It is a strategy to advertise their software or this game. So don’t think that it is for fun anyway.. Thanks for this article.. By the way nice screen shot..

  9. Imperial @ Stormtrooper Costumes says:

    Advertising and marketing at its best, all I can cay. Wait to see a Michael Jackson thriller newspaper in some game soon.
    .-= Imperial @ Stormtrooper Costumes´s last blog ..Star Wars Stormtrooper Costume =-.

  10. Motown says:

    HAHA, me and my friends are allways messing about on gta, even the old gta 2, really good fun on the pc.

  11. Robert Tantulir says:

    Thanks for this informative post, i think i would like to re visit your blog. awesome work dude

  12. I’m not quite sure how I haven’t seen this before! Though you have to admit, Elvis as a Zombie really would make for a great 5 minute subplot to a zombie film…
    .-= Stuart@Zombie News´s last blog ..Zombonauts – Undead In Space =-.

  13. It does say “Win Shit” and I heard from the grape vine, might be urban legend that it was to be part of a contest that the game designers had planned that kinda got x’ed out and never fully panned out.

  14. Captain Rick says:

    It’s alive!

  15. It’s the same newspaper on the streets, and it’s called the Liberty Cock, it was added to VC, because in the late 70’s and 80’s, people were reporting sights of Presley at his home in “Graceland”

    As for GTA III, I don’t know why it’s there.

    Oh, yeah, it’s WIN shit, win.

  16. skyrim guide book says:

    This is really clever. I have been playing this game for a while but never notice that. Really amazing.

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