Which sucks more : Microsoft or Linux ?

Who sucks more : Microsoft Windows or Linux?

What Operating System do you use? Is it Microsoft Windows or a Linux distro (or even a Mac) ? Why do you think its better or not so better than the other… Drop in your comments and share who sucks more according to you?

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15 Responses to Which sucks more : Microsoft or Linux ?

  1. amit aka eddy says:

    i think linux sucks!!

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  2. I prefer Mac because the operating system is a lot more fluid and doesn’t have lots of problems like Windows. I’ve used Linux a few times and liked it. There isn’t anything to make it stand out a whole lot other than the fact it has a lot of free apps (but so do Mac and Windows, just maybe not quite as much).

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  3. Jamaipanese says:

    file me with the other ignorant windows users

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  4. I know nothing about Linux except that a few friends use it and love it. I only have PC’s running with XP and Vista. I sure know the answer to that question, though….. Vista does!

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  5. A u d e e says:

    I don’t know which one sucks honestly, because I’ve been using Windows from the beginning. And, I think I am more comfortable using Windows other than any other operating system. I tried Linux back then… got confused with the interface… like LOST… Restarting my computer over again was all that I was comfortably doing. 😀

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  6. Jeremy@EK Abonnement says:

    I bought a new laptop last week and am STILL struggling to get Vista to do what I want, so Microsoft definitely sucks more…

  7. bharat says:

    well i think microsoft windows is the better among the two..well i dont have much information about linux but i have been using windows for a long time now and i feel it has all those features which are required for a good operating system…..

  8. Raivn says:

    I have Linux and Windows (XP and Vista). I HATE Vista.. but then again, my computer’s a little out of date. I’ve always liked XP- it’s easy to customize (I run minimum requirements) and minus a few bad days, it’s always been great. I’m happy with Linux though- it’s very stable and I haven’t had any problems with it. I kind of like Mac OSX, but never use it for internet purposes- strictly music, so I’ve yet to really put it to the test. Overall, Windows XP is the one that strikes my fancy.

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  9. christophe@web design says:

    A have a sound knowledge in all the 3 OS’s. Each have there advantages and disadvantages…it all depends on what you intend to do, for example, if you are a gamer, windows is better for you. For a graphic designer, MAC OS is definitely better. For a C/C++/python/PHP/perl (open source languages) developer, Linux is better.

    However, in terms of performance, linux is much more better than MAC OS and windows.
    Most linux distributions do not require large amout of RAM, processor speed etc.
    The OS which sucks is definitely windows, and the number of reasons is countless (viruses, expensive licence, blue screen of death …)

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  10. Linux rocks as a server, Windows as a gaming machine and Mac for webdesign and other stugg

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  11. Squeaky says:

    I use both Linux and Windows Operating systems and there are things I like about each of them.

    As far as online security of online transactions and email, I like a Linux favored system. For a workstation I prefer a Vista system. I know that many people think that Vista sucks, but if you know how to custom configure it, then it is very sweet.
    If I had to say which sucks, I would say Windows XP 32 bit. Windows XP Pro 64 bit is very stable, but had lot’s of compatibility issues with older software.

    Many of my networking clients have purchased new systems with Vista and they tell me it sucks. After I have customized it and a few months pass, most of my clients like Vista way better than XP.

    For me, I need both to do my daily tasks…

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  12. Chris says:

    I use a mac now after switching from a windows machine. I still use XP because I have to in some instances but prefer the mac OS. I have used Linux and like it quite a bit due to its low fat content. The OS X and Linux both appeal to me primarily because they are not as bloated and the system is easy to get into and change much like win 3.1 was.

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  13. Computer Aid says:

    I’m generally an OS agnostic.

    But I have used Unix / Linux for a long time, and like the power of the OS. But I use XP in day-to-day life… it just has a much bigger software base.

  14. El Di Pablo says:

    It all depends on what you use it for and who uses it. I personally prefer Linux because it is free, and all the software for it is free. I use Windows at work because all of our company application run on Windows. Both do what they are supposed to do.

    As for Mac’s, well they are really good for pretentious, latte drinking wannabe’s who don’t know how to use a real computer. Oh yeah, and they are way over priced. The only good thing about Mac is that it’s OS is based on Unix. People who like Mac’s are simply people who are easily swayed by good marketing campaigns.
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  15. Sayan says:

    @El Di Pablo, Exactly!! -___-

    Well, I think windows sux more than anything >,<

    I love linux (will prefer RPM based distros rather than APT).
    TUX rox!! ^_^

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