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The logo says it right. Shareaholic is a must have browser add-on for any blogger and is one of my most favorite tools (Firefox add-on) for promoting my blog posts through various social bookmarking and sharing sites. It has been the easiest and the most convenient way for me, by far, to monitor the success of my published articles.

In the latest release, Shareaholic supports 18 sharing and bookmarking services with added support for Google Reader, Foxywire, Streakr and HealthRanker Beta besides the already available Digg, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Mixx, Facebook, , etc. The extension can be easily configured, is free to download and use, and contains no Spyware or Adware.

Shareaholic adds itself as a small button besides the address bar (thats where you fill the website URL in). The various options are available in a drop down menu. It roughly looks like this screenshot, and the available options can be easily customized.

If you click on any option from the drop-down menu, it automatically opens in a new tab so you do not need to navigate away from the page you wish to share or promote. Plus, the URL and the title are already submitted so all you need to do is add a small description or tags and DONE. Nifty!

Whenever I publish a new blog post, I initially get the word out by twittering the article using this browser extension. You can also email the web-page you’re promoting directly to a friend to build the buzz. Then, if the blog post or web page goes up into the Digg, Mixx,, etc. you can see how many saves, diggs or comments it could gather. If you want to, you can add you own votes in just a click.

Do you also use this extension? I highly recommend that you use this one, if you haven’t got it already.
Its quite productive and a nifty tool to make your blogging life easier 🙂

5 thoughts on “Shareaholic: Easiest Way to Bookmark, Share and Promote your Blog Posts

  1. I think it also integrates with ScribeFire, because after installing it, there is an extra Shareaholic tab in ScribeFire. It’s a nice tool. No looking for each separate bookmarklet when you want to share a page.

    Stephan Millers last blog post..The Second of Three CommentLuv Blog Lists – 100 Blogs

  2. Shareholic is indeed a good tool but i strust Social Marker when it comes to submiting my articles to Social Book Marking sites it allows you to type in the details (name, url, tags, description) etc just ones and then it brings up the submission pages for each site you have selected and you just click through them very quickly.

    Sunils last blog post..What A New Blogger Shouldn’t Write

  3. Shareaholic is the best. So far I’ve been able to use it effectively. Every blog I create I keep in mind to use it.
    .-= jay@ work at home opportunity´s last blog ..Need Help With Google Adsense? Ask Lisa! =-.

  4. This browser is very nice because we can do any work to very easily,so this browser is very interested… thanks for this browser.
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  5. I’d never heard of this before but I’ve just installed it and I’m already loving it! This is why I stick with Firefox, you can make it do anything you want – Internet Explorer users don’t know what they’re missing!

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