Acid Test: MyBlogLog VS BlogCatalog VS BlogRush

Yesterday I decided to compare the three much talked about social networking and blog-indexing websites, namely: MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog & BlogRush. The purpose of this analytical study is to find out how far these sites can potentially help you in generating a healthy readership community for your own website/blog by budding & nurturing a society of your own on these sites, by monitoring the daily page views, public reach and popularity trends. I believe it will be interesting to know how well these social networking sites can help themselves to exist, and how well they can appeal to the wide range of audience they intend to serve so that we have an idea of who has the right potential, is reliable and usable and who is a waste!

I have used the Alexa rating of these websites (graphical trends) and my own experience with the individual services to arrive at some conclusions that are purely personal opinions and hence, I have pointed out the positive and negative points of these systems that affect the position at which each of them stands today. Continue reading “Acid Test: MyBlogLog VS BlogCatalog VS BlogRush”