Lets Win This Contest Together

Lets Win This Contest Together. Image designed by Abhinav Sood

Shanker Bakshi is holding yet another contest on his blog which goes by the name “Lets Win This Contest Together”. The coolest thing about the contest is that the current weight of the contest is prizes worth over $850. This includes so many text link ad spots, 125 square ad blocks, over 15000 entrecredits and free designs and reviews from some of the best blogs around the blogosphere.

Inspirit Blog is also sponsoring the contest with a 125×125 square ad block worth $35 for one month and a free blog review jumping the queue of over 100 blogs that are still waiting to get a free blog review from Inspirit Blog. I have been associated with Shanker Bakshi and this contest since the idea was born and he shared it with me but some running errands kept me from announcing this to you.

Lets Win This Contest Together closes on 31st August, 2008. Participating is very easy and I should say you must definitely go participate in this one. All you have to do is either (or both) blog about the contest in minimum 100 words in a blog post on your own blog with a link back to the contest. This counts as 5 entries for the contest. You can also subscribe to Shanker Bakshi by email for 3 entries in the contest. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on 1st September, 2008.

Sponsors and Prizes:

Entrecard Credits

125 x 125 Square Ad

  • 125×125 Entrecard Widget Design by Mohit Aneja (worth $15)
  • 125×125 block ad for one month on iLUVcontests (worth $15 )
  • 125×125 block ad for one month on Shopping (worth $15 )
  • 125×125 block ad for one month on XSrealities (worth $25 )
  • 125×125 block ad for one month on Inspirit Blog (worth $35)
  • 125×125 block ad for permanent on Fundraiser Support (worth $10)
  • 125×125 block ad for one month on Lemback -Potpourri (worth $25)
  • 125×125 Block ad for four months on Shanker Bakshi dot com (worth $60)
  • Two 125×125 Blocks ads for one months from LegitGeeK.com (worth $320)

Text Link Ad

More Prizes

Isn’t this simply amazing? Well, if it is, what are you doing here. Go visit the Lets Win This Contest Together page, and when you have entered either through a blog post about the contest or through the email subscription, drop a comment to let Shanker know that you are in. If you want to sponsor the contest, too! you can drop Shanker Bakshi an email : shankerbakshi@gmail.com. And yes, if you visit his blog through this post, drop him a comment and let him know that you came from Inspirit Blog :)

In fact, I designed the above 250 x 250 square banner to help Mr. Bakshi promote his blog contest because Let Us Win This Contest Together is one simple and amazing contest that I have come across in a long time. If you wish to use this banner in your blog entry (which would really please Mr.Bakshi) you can use this code and paste it in HTML mode.

<a title="Lets win this contest together. Image designed by Abhinav Sood" href="http://shankerbakshi.com/2008/08/01/lets-win-this-contest-together" target="_blank"><img title="Lets Win This Contest Together. Design by Abhinav Sood" src="http://www.abhinavsood.com/labs/inspiritblog/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/wincontesttogether.jpg" alt="Lets Win This Contest Together. Image designed by Abhinav Sood" width="250" height="250" /></a>

Good Luck Folks!

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6 Responses to Lets Win This Contest Together

  1. Amit Puri says:

    This is very interesting. There’s going to be much excitement and I am hoping to win. :D
    I will surely participate in the contest and i think all the bloggers need to participate in the contest.

    Amit Puris last blog post..Enhance the performance of your computer with the Tune Up utilities 2008

  2. Sounds like a great contest! Will check it out!

    TRs last blog post..Is Alcoholics Anonymous Effective?

  3. nice contest , thanks for posting it on your blog

    zks last blog post..This is now a “DoFollow” Blog

  4. Amor says:

    Hi! I just learned that I won in Shanker’s contest and my prize is 125×125 block ad for one month in this blog. :)

    Amor’s latest published blog-post ::: Bruce Willis Fan

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