When you leave a comment at any WordPress blog by filling in your name and website URL in the respective fields, your name appears as a link to your blog/website on submission. By default, these links have rel=”nofollow” attribute attached to them. This attribute directs the search engine spiders / crawlers not to follow the linked website or blog. The link may get indexed but it is not followed (or counted as a backlink) from the blog that links.

However, some blogs reward their commentators by removing the rel=”nofollow” attribute from their templates which gives them free backlinks! Such blogs are called DoFollow Blogs or No-NoFollow Blogs. BTW, Inspirit is also a doFollow blog so drop in maximum comments to get some free links from this PR 4 blog 🙂 …

WordPress Plugin : KeywordLuv

As I told you, when you comment at a WordPress blog your name becomes the anchor text in the link that points to your blog or specific blog post, as per what you submitted in the URL field. KeywordLuv plugin has been developed (by Stephen Cronin) to reward your commentators by separating their names from their keywords in the link to their website, giving them improved anchor text.

So, if you’re commenting at a doFollow blog then you can use targeted keywords as anchor text to point the links to your blog or blog post, instead of using your name. KeywordLuv plugin requires a the blog to be doFollow in order to work, because linking using your keywords would be of no use unless these links are followed by search engines (Google esp.) !


Using KeywordLuv is quite easy. If I enter Abhinav @ Free Blog Reviews in the name field instead of just Abhinav in the comment form, then the title of a comment would look like :

Abhinav from Free Blog Reviews says :

instead of :

Abhinav says :

The symbol @ does the magic here. If this symbol is not used between Name and Keywords, they’ll appear as they would normally on a WordPress blog with this plugin not installed.

The usage tip generally gets added to your comment form automatically and you can customize this message that appears from the plugin options page on your admin dashboard.

Download Plugin

You can download KeywordLuv Plugin from this plugin page. The plugin author has also nicely explained why anchor text is so important.

If you are running a link building campaign to get better ranks in the SERPS and improving your Technorati Authority, then consider commenting at blogs no-follow free blogs with either or both CommentLuv and KeywordLuv plugins enabled as an easy way to get free backlinks.

P.S. : As I mentioned above, this plugin needs a doFollow plugin to be installed on your blog to function properly. Read How to Remove rel=”noFollow” from your blog and join the doFollow movement to learn more about NoFollow, DoFollow and how to remove the noFollow attribute from your blog.

Feel free to drop in your comments using the form below. Inspirit uses the KeywordLuv plugin besides being a doFollow blog and using CommentLuv, so take full advantage of it.

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  3. Thanks for this helpful information. KeywordLuv is indeed a great help because I heard feedback from a great friend of mine that eversince she used KeywordLuv, increased traffic and comments happened and she’s very thankful to that. But based on observations, sometimes KL doesn’t promote conversations and discussion per se. Just my two cents worth.

  4. keywordluv and do follow plugin is very good for new blog but for medium up traffic blog it will hard to keep the comment spam free…

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  7. Great to see someone using these plugins correctly as Ive found a lot of websites claiming to be a dofolow site but are not.
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  10. There are pros and cons to KeywordLuv and CommentLuv. For me, CommentLuv has a slight advantage as it provides a deep-link to a blog post, as well as a general link to the homepage.thanks..
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