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Free Blog Reviews from Inspirit Blog

I started doing free blog reviews after I found some free time after my first semester exams were over. And the response on all the free blog reviews that I have done till now has been great. There are more than 100 blogs still waiting to be reviewed in the queue. Its quite some time now that I have reviewed a blog because I have been too occupied with other stuff – programming classes, Chandigarh Bloggers Alliance, Office, help my brother with studies… holy whack! Sometimes it just becomes impossible to sit on the chair in front of the laptop. I think I should get back into the free blog reviews thing as soon as possible. And that means as soon as tomorrow morning!

If you wish to get a Free Blog Review, all you need to do is drop me a comment using the comment form below. My review can be critical if your blog is in such a condition (read too bad!) but the intent of the review will always be positive. That is, to help you become a better blogger with an even better blog. The review will cover design, layout, content and overall presentation and I’ll insert a screen shot of your blog in my post.

I don’t ask any favors in reciprocation – all I wish to achieve with offering free blog reviews is to make the blogosphere a better place. Nothing will make me more happy than to help you. You should also understand that submitting such posts to Digg or Reddit is stupid because these individual blog reviews are not something everyone would be interested in. Whatever I point out in a particular blog review should be helpful to anyone who has a similar feature in their blog – and although it may help you and many other bloggers but individual blog reviews are not anything that interests most of the general online readership.

However, I encourage you to tell your friends about the blog review so that they can drop me comments whether my opinion is appropriate. Feedback is must for anything. Comments on your blog review will help you, as well as me. I also provide a “Reviewed @ Inspirit Blog” badge at the end of the blog review – and if you wish to send me some traffic, feel free to place the badge on your blog. You don’t have to place the badge, if you don’t wish to. All is your good will.


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