Centakume.Info Blog Review: Anime and Gaming on One Source

After a long time today. I have found some time to look through the whole list of blogs waiting to get a free review. The blog that I am going to review today is by a blogger who writes with “Sanjo Chan” as his internet moniker (His about page says that his real name is for business purposes only 😀 ) and writes about Anime and Games at Cen.taku.me. Reading around his blog, you’ll figure out that the name of his blog and a few other terms used there are Japanese.

Cen Taku Me

This blog is a good example of good design complimented by good content. A regularly updated blog, Centakume will make a good read for any anime and gaming lover. The simple theme is easy on eyes, looks great and has been utilized very effectively which is quite important. The sidebar is neatly arranged with everything at just the right place where it should be.

The blog enjoys a Google PageRank (PR) of 3, and ranks good with Alexa at 147,167. Sanjo-Chan needs to make an update about this to his “About” page.

Another cool feature that you’d like about Centakume is the smart-archives page. I think that has been generated by the smart-archives plugin for WordPress. But whatever, monthly archives like that are very functional and easy to navigate through. There is a link to the disclosure policy in the footer (generated using DisclosurePolicy.Org) but it’d have been better if it appeared at a more prominent place in the sidebar or was linked to from the navigation bar just below the header.

Content is King: Centakume is not just another gaming/anime blog that copy-pastes news and updates from major labels in this niche. Everything that you read on Cen.Taku.Me is Sanjo-Chan’s original insight into the subject of his writing. He seems to have great knowledge about what he writes and he writes it well. The posts are well-structured, well-punctuated and grammatically sound. I don’t find much time for gaming and am not into anime/manga to the slightest, but I enjoy the writing style at Cen.taku.me.

Apart all this, Sanjo-Chan is so rewarding. If you have good content to offer, and he reads you; he’ll definitely be linking to you in one of these Quick-Links posts. These links tend to be more inclined towards the gaming and anime niche, which are highly targeted towards his readers.

I read through many posts on Centakume.Info to see if I could find anything about games that interest me now or did interest me when I was younger and played games 😀 . Sanjo, I haven’t played any of those Japanese games that you talk about (except Final Fantasy.. Final Fantasy-VII and VIII to be precise.) And I am so unfamiliar with all those Japanese terms that you use. I’d love it if you could please write about Grand Theft Auto or Max Payne games, or something of that sort 🙂

Nice blog there, a must visit for any gaming or manga “Otaku” 😀

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14 Responses to Centakume.Info Blog Review: Anime and Gaming on One Source

  1. anime says:

    Sounds like a great blog, eh? Anime and video games, two biggest reasons I have no social life… Haha.

  2. Sanjo-chan says:

    Thank you so much for the review and the suggestions! I should write more about video games not just from Japan, and I do need to update my About Page. ^^

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  4. That’s a very nice and well designed blog, thanks for sharing.

  5. phil@video gaming mouse says:

    Pretty sweet blog. Surprised I’d never heard of it before, as I tend to frequent a lot of gaming review blogs (not as hugely into anime as some). Anyway, glad you posted about his site, definitely becoming a regular of it. 🙂

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  7. Bailey@Mazri says:

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  8. Japanese Lesson says:

    I learned two things from this post. First, disclosure policy.. nice. Second, cen.taku.me uses a cool gallery which I believe is smoothgallery. I can’t wait to install on my site.

    Very nice.
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  11. brad says:

    great site. great post as well. loved it 🙂
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  13. Mark says:

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  14. Zikos says:

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