A Promising Text Links Market Place: TNX dot Net

What is TNX ?

TNX dot NetJust Recently, I came across this company TNX.net (pronounced as Thanks; SMS-Speak 😉 ) which serves as a great platform to both text-link advertisers as well as publishers. TNX seems like a very promising text links marketplace to me.

Those of you, who have been reading Inspirit from quite some time know that though there are many options available for monetizing a blog, but I haven’t chose to use them (except Google Adsense, and my recent try out: Project Wonderful) I must have decided to serve text link ads from TNX dot net only after considering various aspects of it.

You just started getting an idea of how promising the services offered by TNX are!

Why should you use TNX?

Its a well-known and understood fact that you can improve the rank (Technorati, Site Rank, Page Rank, etc.) of your blogs by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to your home page and other pages. You might be having awesome content on your blog, but you know that not all of this world reads your blog/blog-posts. You have to market your content in order to increase your traffic and readership.

Banner Ads are effective for the purpose in their own ways, but text link advertising is basically what helps you the most. If you are linked from some other blog/website, not only that the traffic flows in from that blog or website, but the text of links can help you in conquering the top positions in SERPs. This is a major assistance to bloggers/advertisers to pimp their campaigns and help them achieve their SEO goals.

But Why TNX specifically?

TNX user panel

TNX is quite new on the text links advertising scene, and as the perfect ‘gentleman’ start up, is taking care that it offers a user-friendly interface to its members. Once you sign up for TNX (its easy and real quick), you will find easy-to-follow instructions and guidelines on how to use the TNX system, as a publisher of text links or as an advertiser.

Along side is a preview of the side panel that ensures maximum functionality and easy accessibility to various options available.

TNX.net allows publishers to sell links from each page on their website, and for advertisers it allows to buy millions of links from other sites in few clicks. TNX is a convenient tool that allows publishers and advertisers to save time, efforts and money. Its a quick means to build thousands of links from hundreds of high quality relevant sites linking to yours.

The best thing that I like about this advertising service is that every link you publish or any link you buy looks so natural, as its manual inserted.

Some readers claimed that they lost their PR and rankings in SERPs! But after using the system myself, and from the experience of many other users who have been using the system successfully… USE THE SYSTEM WISELY. DON’T OVER LOOK THE INSTRUCTIONS. If you follow the guidelines and use the service sensibly, there is no chance that you’ll ever be banned for anything.

<-(The Current Promotional Offer: A Big Bonus)->

There’s also this attractive promotional offer running these days which gives you 2000 TNX points just for signing up and then another 5000 TNX points when the blog you submit gets approved by the system.

You may also like to check out this link generator, thats a free tool to make paid links look more natural to Google and other search engines.

Amazing Statistics!

At the time of writing this, there are 52,532 members at a daily growth rate of +0.36%. There are 23007576 links in the system with 25485 links created in last hour. As of now there are 22849610 pages indexed in the system. The site rank for TNX is 4.1 out of 10. Plus, it has a Alexa traffic rank of: 10,897

To Sum Up…

What can be more compelling than these amazing stats to join this text links marketplace! At least, I couldn’t hold myself back.

I’d be writing more about this service after using it for some time. Till then, take a few seconds to sign up for TNX and have a first hand experience, yourself.

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6 Responses to A Promising Text Links Market Place: TNX dot Net

  1. Hi Abhinav,

    I’ve read that Google has a way of slapping you for using TNX, despite all the tricks and disguises.

    I’d do a little research before buying links..
    No penalties for selling though, are there?


    Alex at Net-Entrepreneur.com’s last blog post..6 Must-Have Collapsible Plugins for WordPress

  2. If you depend on link or site selling as a form of monetization you will definitely want to increase your Alexa rank, because it will increase your bargaining power when it comes to ad pricing.

  3. Abhinav Sood says:

    @Alex, if you use the system properly, there’s no way that Google can slap you in any way.

    Follow this article at DP forums…

  4. RT Cunningham says:

    From personal experience, I saw links ending up on some spammy sites and that’s why I used them for only a short time.

  5. I’m wary too. I have seen sites ‘brought down’ before as google works out what is happening and works hard to prevent it!

    nikkis latest published blog-post ………. Last Minute Valentine Gifts

  6. Jan the fish says:

    As long as you’re buying links from virgin sites, you’re safe. Otherwise you’re wasting your money. I tried to use backlinks.com or buyblogreviews just to see how the stuff works. I also mentioned this activity on my blog (let’s not mention the URL :0 ). Even though I got some links, they didn’t help me much. Still the best links are those natural ones. Also I don’t recommend buying links because if you can buy a link, your competitor can buy two! He will rank better than you do. So you’ll buy another 2. He’ll buy more as well as you will. All your profits will be wasted on links…

    This is not how it should work. Minimal expenses and maximum revenue. That’s the model I like 😉 .

    Jan the fishs latest published blog-post ………. Fish ponds

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